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Twitter Tips for Business – Optimising Twitter for Business

In last month’s article, Twitter Tips for Business – How to master tweeting to market your business, we covered getting those messages out there – keeping to 140 characters and creating a powerful tweet that is likely to engage, excite, and build relationships. But, however cute that little tweet is, it needs to be created effectively in terms of the whole Twitter landscape if it is going to make any kind of impression.

The Twitter dashboard can seem quite simple when you first cast an eye over it but let’s take a look at some of the hidden secrets and overall techniques that are going to boost followers and the power of your presence.


Twitter, and any other social media account, is not the place for direct selling. You will immediately turn tweeters off – no-one needs bombarding with the latest special offer. Twitter is about casual conversation where you need to put over your personality, ideas, thoughts and opinions. You are not looking for instant sales; you are looking to build relationships which generate leads that, at the very least, enhance brand awareness.

Be yourself and link back to your website

So don’t be afraid to integrate purely social tweets with business thoughts, tips, links to up-coming events and articles. Offering tips (perhaps through a link to your website blog) is a great way to show credibility, and get your followers to your website.


The most important factor for Twitter is having a healthy following. If no one is reading your messages you may as well tweet to yourself, but more than that, your followers need to be your target market, or people who you can initiate powerful business relationships with. There are a few ways you can increase your followers:

Getting the symbols right

Ok, so there are some funny looking symbols in tweets on some people’s sites. A quick rundown:

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists allow you to focus on groups of associated followers. This way you can really focus down on your tweeting campaign by directing tweets at those who are going to be most interested.

Used properly, Twitter, as an engagement and marketing channel, offers businesses a unique route to their target audiences, it takes time and practice to get it right, but that time is a sound investment for most companies.

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