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Digital Marketing For Your Database – Your marketing campaign starts with your own contacts

Only too often businesses can be blinkered when it comes to creating a powerful online marketing campaign. The internal message is “you need to reach out to those individuals who your company has not previously had communications with”. Of course, this form of marketing is essential – you need to be constantly pushing new boundaries within your target market.

But not at the expense of the individuals who are already likely to want to buy from you.

It is these prospective buyers who are continually missed – they are also the easiest and least expensive sales to get. Sitting out there in the company database are thousands – maybe hundreds of thousands of contacts who have bought your products and services or responded to promotions before.  You don’t have to prove anything to these people (unless you did a bad job the first time!) they already consider you credible, they know your prices and accept them. They know where you are and presumably understand your procedures, and respect your way of working.

So why put all your energy into starting from scratch and re-inventing the wheel? True, some products or services are only bought once, but most enterprises can offer accessories or products and services along a similar line to an already satisfied buyer.

If you don’t have those kind of products and services on show – think about creating some!

It all comes back to the relationship between the business and the customer. If you just sell your product online and then disappear from view – you will be forgotten. The next time they need a product or service from your industry they are more likely to be searching on Google again rather than looking for your web address or filling in your web site contact form.

You need to keep the channels of communication open once you have a customer on board.

So what are the best ways of keeping in contact with your customer in the future online?

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