Conversion Rate Optimisation - Site Audit

Highlighting the issues with your site & increasing conversion rates

Our conversion rate optimisation audits are a one-off project whereby we analyse your site to find your visitor pain points. These projects are scalable and flexible and can be used to analyse one page, one checkout process or your entire site. Get in touch today to find out how we can assist you and your business.

So what do the site audits consist of?

Our audits are made up of 3 key elements:

1. Consult – What do you want from the site?

We work with you to find out what your key conversion points are and what you wish to achieve from your site, using this information allows us to make informed decisions about the visitor behaviour on your site.

2. Research – What’s wrong with the site?

We put our expert conversion rate consultants to work using the latest tools to find out why people aren’t converting, this can include:

  • Heatmap Tracking
  • User Testing
  • Broken Links and Code Errors
  • Investigate Conversion Funnels or Shopping Carts
  • Check and Test all Calls to Action and contact points

3. Recommend – How you can improve the site?

With all our reports we provide clear and easy to understand recommendations that you can implement to increase your site’s conversion rates:

  • Understanding different visitor types and intentions
  • Highlighting user-experience problems
  • Gathering and understanding visitors’ objections and pain points
  • Funnel drop off points or dead ends
  • Technical website issues

Once the conversion rate audit is complete, you can take advantage of our conversion rate optimisation consultancy services to implement and test the changes to increase your site conversions.

For more information on our conversion rate optimisation audits or to discuss the right project for you, give us a call on 01483 429222 or drop us an email at