Increase in Conversions


Increase in CTR

Huxley Golf – AdWords PPC: Improving Click-Through Rates & Conversions

Digital Marketing PPC case study illustrating the successes achieved in PPC click through rates (CTR) and PPC conversions for a leading golf equipment manufacturer.

Who are they?

Huxley Golf, is a British company that is leading the way around the world with its innovative and premier quality all-weather golf surfaces and golf equipment that include artificial putting greens and golf mats. Its aim is simple; to help everyone involved in the great game of golf to improve.

What were their objectives?

Huxley Golf had been running their Google AdWords campaigns in-house for a number of years, but felt they were not getting the necessary return on their ad spend and were considering stopping the PPC ads.

What did we do?

As the incumbent providers of digital marketing consultancy and SEO services to Huxley Golf, Web Results Direct suggested that it took over the Google AdWords PPC account to see if performance and ROI could be improved.

All the PPC campaigns were audited, reviewed and fully optimised in order to ensure that they delivered efficiency and improved performance.

Updated target keywords and ad copy were implemented, and accurate conversion tracking was put in place for the campaigns, so that the results could be accurately measured.

What were the results?

Following the PPC campaign optimisation activity, Google AdWords Click Through Rates (CTR) increased by 144% and ad clicks increased by 41% for the same budget. Conversion rates increased by 359% and the average ad positions on the search results pages improved by 20%.