Organic Revenue Increase


Increase in PPC Conversions


PPC ROI Increase

Family Theme Park & Resort – Global Brand SEO & PPC

Global Brand SEO and PPC case study illustrating the significant improvements made in conversions, traffic, revenue and ROI via organic search traffic and PPC traffic improvements.

Who are they?

The client is one of the country’s foremost theme parks and resorts, a household name; it is synonymous with adventure and great family days out.

What were their objectives?

The client relies upon Web Results Direct to maintain its Google AdWords and Bing PPC campaigns in order to support an increasing calendar of events designed to make the resort a year-round attraction, in addition to a full-service SEO and digital marketing campaign.

The volume of marketing campaigns that the client promotes annually, and the launching of new attractions each year, requires project and campaign-based SEO in order to maximise the performance of the website in terms of revenue generation.

For 2015, a key objective for the resort was to increase the numbers of UK short break and corporate hospitality bookings. This required developing appropriate organic rankings in a highly competitive market, building appropriate PPC campaigns and working within the site content in order to position the client as the go-to venue for weekend and family breaks, as well as corporate functions.

What did we do?

In order to support the client in attracting short break clicks from the organic search results, as well as corporate, business, meeting and function bookings, we designed, created and launched a number of dedicated optimised pages across the site.

The “short breaks” pages are focussed on supporting and improving the performance of some of the existing (and therefore more authoritative) “short breaks” & “hotel” related pages on the site. These existing pages have significantly improved their rankings and organic performance in recent months, thanks to the launch of the new pages, in what is undoubtedly, a highly competitive market.

The new corporate pages are now also amongst some of the best performing business, corporate and function pages on the site.

The overall site’s organic performance was improved with comprehensive onsite optimisation activity, intensive market research and relationship building activity with appropriate and relevant third party sites.

What were the results?

Year on year organic e-commerce revenue increased by 49% and organic conversion rates increased by 45%. PPC conversion rates increased by 18%, with ROI up by 8.5%, despite the PPC campaign spend dropping by 9%.